It’s a minor nightmare for most homeowners — a roof leak that’s dripping into your home. Read on to learn how to perform a minor repair and why you should call a local Hackensack roofing company right away!

A Quick Fix

Despite what you may have heard, you can fix a leaking roof from the inside!

Patching your roof from the inside is always a quick fix solution. It’s just meant to keep the problem from getting much worse while you call roofing contractors in Hackensack, NJ.

How long this repair lasts will depend on the age of your roof and the quality of materials you have, but it should buy you some time to get a quality and professional repair.

Identify The Leak And Divert The Water

First, you need to identify where the leak is. If you can’t spot it right away, try putting pots and pans down until you find the one that’s filling up with water.

If it’s still raining when you find the hole, stick a nail in the hole to help you divert the water away. This will help the area dry faster.

Draw a large circle around the hole with a piece of sidewalk chalk. This will help the roofers when they come to your home.

Get Rid Of Damp Insulation

Using a sharp utility knife, cut out any damp or damaged insulation. Dispose of the insulation into an outdoor trash can along with any other trash from your roof repair. This will help to stop mold growth and improve the air quality in your home.

If you feel uncomfortable, you can skip this step. Just be sure to tell the company doing roof repair Hackensack NJ, so they can take care of it!

Patch The Area

For this step, you need a clean paintbrush, some roofing tar, and a piece of plywood big enough to cover the leak. Using the brush, apply roofing tar all around the outside of the hole.

Hold the plywood in place over the hole, using your arm to apply a fair amount of pressure. Using your other hand, brush additional roof tar over the edges of the plywood to seal it.

If you prefer, you can use an expanding foam sealant or spray sealant to fill any holes. Spray sealant is at its best for very small holes, and you will want to open windows and use fans to improve ventilation in the area.

No matter whether you use tar or spray sealant, make sure no one in your home sleeps in the room or spends long periods of time there for about 24 hours.

Call Your Local Hackensack Roofers

Once you have the leak patched, call a reputable company of roofing Hackensack, NJ contractors. Reliable roofing companies offer emergency repair services for situations like this.

Make sure you go with a Hackensack roofing company that you can trust. When you go with Prestige Works NJ, you’re choosing roofers who will treat your home like they treat their own.