Every year, Hackensack, NJ residents deal with snowy weather. Newer residents may wonder if this snow could harm their roofs. The short answer is yes!

If you’re concerned about possible damage to your home from snow and ice, read on!

1. Snow Adds Stress To Your Roof 

Snow is surprisingly heavy. When it accumulates on your roof, it’s adding a large amount of unnatural weight. This does not necessarily mean that your roof will cave in due to the added weight. However, it does mean that it will become weaker over the years, having a negative long-term impact.

This is why you must look for roofing contractors in Hackensack, NJ. Having a contractor come out and inspect your roof for any possible damage is a great way to get any problems fixed sooner rather than later.

Hackensack roofing experts will most likely pitch the top of your roof, which will cause the snow to slide off instead of build up on top and prevent added weight.

2. Ice Dams

Ice dams are another problem that you should call a Hackensack roofing company for. Ice dams form on the edges of your roof and prevent other snow from sliding or melting off. This will cause the dam to get bigger and cause unnecessary weight and potential leaking.

Ice dams are formed when an intricate interaction between cold outside air meets with some warm inside air that might be escaping. Having your roof repaired in Hackensack, NJ, is critical if an ice dam builds up. Have a team of Hackensack roofers get rid of the dam and check for any leaks or structural damage.

Attempting to clear the ice dams yourself is not recommended unless you have the experience and tools necessary to safely do so. If you don’t, give your local Hackensack roofing company a call.

3. Possible Leaking

Making sure that Hackensack roofers can come out and service your roof is a great way to prevent leaking. Leaking caused by melted ice leaking through the shingles and other small holes can damage your home’s walls, insulation, and support beams. Trapped moisture can even lead to mold.

Mold is known to damage the structural integrity of a house and can also cause severe respiratory illnesses that may be very dangerous to some people. Contacting an expert that specializes in roofing in Hackensack, NJ, is vital. They’ll check for leaks at the end of every winter to prevent this from happening.

Make sure they check the entire roof, especially the gutters and skylights, as those are the most likely places to start leaking.

Get Your Roof Checked Out Now

It’s always a good idea to get problems solved sooner rather than later, especially regarding your roof and house. Be sure to call a roofing contractor in Hackensack, NJ, to get your home checked for any damage caused by added stress to the roof, ice dams that can lead to leaks, or existing leaks that need fixing.