Let’s be honest: the costs can mount up quickly when it comes to Hackensack roofing replacement. However, there are ways to keep a new roof installation affordable.

Here’s our top advice on how to save money on your new roof.

1. Do Thorough Research

The first thing to do when considering replacing your roofing in Hackensack, NJ is to educate yourself on the process. You need to understand your roof’s dimensions and complexity factors, as well as what materials you’ll need.

You’ll likely come across the term “roofing square” in your research. This refers to 100 square feet of Hackensack roofing materials.

With background knowledge, you’ll notice any inconsistencies and irregularities when you get estimates for your roof repair in Hackensack, NJ. Remember that installation, labor, and old material disposal fees should appear on your quotes.

2. Shop Around for the Best Roofing Contractors in Hackensack NJ

Finding the right roofing contractors in Hackensack, NJ for your needs can take a few tries. You should always chat with more than one company and get a few different quotes.

Always check reviews and references before hiring. Word of mouth and local references for Hackensack roofers are typically best, as people you know will have had first-hand experience with them.

Remember that cheapest is not always the best. Low quotes may mean poor quality. Top contractors will also offer material and installation warranties, while others may not.

Also, check with your building department if your roofers are correctly insured and licensed.

3. Get a Few Quotes

When you notice your need for roof repair in Hackensack, NJ, start getting in quotes as soon as possible. You should get at least three estimates before hiring a company to pick the fairest option.

Most Hackensack roofers offer free quotes. These quotations will detail what is wrong, what needs to be done to fix the roof, and what it will cost.

4. Check Your Warranty and Insurance Policies

One of the best ways to save money is to check if your roofing is still under warranty or if your home insurance will cover the work. This way, you may not have to pay as much, or at all, for your roof replacement.

If your roofing in Hackensack, NJ is fairly new and has been damaged by external factors such as a storm, then there is an excellent chance that you can get the repair costs covered.

5. Consider an Overlay

An overlay roof repair in Hackensack, NJ isn’t always possible, but it works out much more affordably if it can be done. The process involves installing new shingles over the existing ones. It requires less material and investment and takes less time.

Just be careful if you choose to do an overlay, as, in some instances, it can shorten or void your manufacturer warranty. It may also cost you more in the future to replace the roof entirely, as there will be more materials to remove and discard.

Contact the Experts for Your Hackensack Roofing Replacement 

As you can see, there are several ways to keep roof repair Hackensack, NJ costs down. Expert roofing contractors in Hackensack, NJ will advise you on the best ways to handle your roofing situation. They’re also able to get top-quality materials at great prices.

Ultimately, working with a professional roofing team is the best solution.